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Found 23 results

  1. Elmont

    triple fun -comm-

    A commision for airking I guess this it's triple fun? or maybe x1'5 fun multiplier? :V I guess we should ask this lady! Art by me Posted using PostyBirb
  2. Elmont


    N̸̹̩͚̂̇̀̾̒̿̏̈̒̀̚͘Ḯ̸̢̡̢̢͖̪̫̳͉̻̣̟͈̔̈͒̑Ǵ̸̡̺̯̼̭̘͔̞̥͚̖̙̈́̅̓̎͛͗̅͜ͅT̷̬͔̱̮͍̒́̒̌̃̓͒͛̑̓͘Ḧ̴͎́̽̎̒̎͊̈́́M̸̧̪̭̬̹̫̮̼̹̪͇̈́̆̅̂͋̕A̷͉͂͐̂R̶̘͈͌̂͌́͌̀̓̋̚͝͝Ȩ̷̧̠̖̣̮̉͛̓ ̸̧̩͓͈͚͛̔̈́̉́͐̀F̶̻͕̟̠̘̪̠̞̲̩̓͌́̀̓̍̃̈́͋͝U̵̡̼̣̯̖̒͆̋̃͝ͅĔ̵͖̤̻͓L̷̢̢͉̪̠̝̭̩̆̋̅͗͝ ̸̛̯͚͖̫̭̟̥̗̰͊͐̉̇̎̅̊̆̎̐̈̌͘M̸̡̱̹̫͍̠͚̘͈̥͕̎̈́̂̈́̈́Y̴̢̮̦̭̙̺͓̖̣̖̘͑̈́͊̏͋̌͑̊̾̊͘̚͘͜͝ ̷̢̢̡̧̬͔̹̗̤̫̮̱̯̱̮̓̍D̷̞͙͚̞͈̠̣̥̲̂O̴̧̡̦̫͔̬̦̬͍̟̞̦̙̦͒̽͊̑̎̅͒Ö̴̫̠́̉̇͒͠Ď̸̮͕̝͂̈́͂̇̽̊̈̓͆̑͠͝͝S̷̢̧̢̭̰̦̻̲̥͉̺̘̘̼͉̊̆̎̔̽͛͌̕̚̕!̴̰͈̃̀̽͊͗̄͋̓́́͒͠ ̵̡̛͉̟͇̖̹̹̦̗͒̅̈́̒͊̈́̎̋͛̚͝c̷̛̥͕̟͆́̒̈́o̶̡̭̞̙̬̱̻̰̺̙͔̫̗̹̪̒́̅̈́͒l̴̪̎̏̆̽̓̍͂̈́͆̅͋̚͘͠ḷ̷̺͍̅̋̈̄͑̉̆̔̾̊̕͠a̶̛̱̙͉̘͗̇͋̈́̃̂̇̚͝ͅb̴̡̢̥̭̦̳̙͇̥̪̖̰̤̯̃̋͜͠͠ ̵̩̭̫̖̗̼͖̒̚͝ẉ̵͚͚͙̤͕̪̤͓̜͓̓̄̏̓́̈̀͐̊͘͝͠ĩ̶̧̺̰̣͈͚̼͕͌̊̓̋̓̋̎̈̀͜t̵̢̞̫̦̬̖̳̰̥͚̖̓̌̑h̷͓͚͍͉͈͖̜̹̘̞͛̀̿̄͆͋̀̒̈́̈́̀̄̚ͅ ̸̨͈͓̬̠̙̫̯̹̲̩̯̺̘̒̽ẃ̶̡̢̨̙̰͙̻̼͇̪̭̳̌͑̈́ͅͅơ̷͇̯̖͙̺̦͎̼͋͆p̸̨̨̜͚̹̻̹̭̟̭̯̘̦̅̋͒́̆̋̑̾̽̓̚̚͠͝a̴̡̓͐̈̂̈́̈́̏̅̎̌̂̑̓ c̸h̸a̵r̴a̵c̷t̸e̴r̷ ̶b̴e̸l̶o̴n̴g̷s̸ ̶t̷o̸ ̵K̴r̶a̶u̸s̵e̸r̷ Posted using PostyBirb
  3. oka I know i need improve muscles! But I think it's kinda cool! Isn't it? Krauser loves ape Scape, so i decided do his buff boy Samsón with the evil helmet thing...but it didnt go wel...technically...(I think that for Specter's standarts, it's a total win) SOOOOOOO Samsón belongs to krauser018 Art by me Posted using PostyBirb
  4. Elmont

    we are getting older

    autothing for autobirthday :D Posted using PostyBirb
  5. Elmont

    the succubus -Freebie-

    so she is a succubus, and she is blue, and she is a cutie Oh and she belongs to G3 Art by me Posted using PostyBirb
  6. WELP....looks like Sinner likes magic booties too :'D Same as before, Mague belongs to sanctuarysanity and Sinner belongs to sinnerlife Posted using PostyBirb
  7. Something for sanctuarysanity He wanted a special white mague for his wife, so we did this cool mage! -w- she haves a nice booty, so you can sit on it! Characters belongs to sanctuarysanity Art by me Posted using PostyBirb
  8. Elmont

    Satin clothes! -gift-

    I know she is creepy, but for me she is so lovelyyyy! I always saw her naked, so why not give her some clothes? that's kinda cool! -w- This cool lady (Satin) belongs to corgipills Art by me Posted using PostyBirb
  9. Elmont

    mato adventure 4

    I don't wanna hear your absolution Hope you're ready for a revolution Posted using PostyBirb
  10. Elmont

    mato adventure 5

    Jump up super star! Posted using PostyBirb
  11. Elmont

    mato adventure 3

  12. Elmont

    mato adventure 2

    Posted using PostyBirb
  13. Elmont

    Mato adventure 1

    Fisrt mini-animation series i had and didnt uploaded! Who knows the desires of this tiny motherfluffer! Posted using PostyBirb
  14. Elmont

    she mad -no mess-

    She is mad, she is REALLY MAD! >:C Something for kenhan.. Go and watch him! Art by me and character belongs to kenhan Posted using PostyBirb
  15. Elmont

    she mad! -mess version-

    She is mad, she is REALLY MAD! >:C She mad because the Miniinks Crew painted her! its not the first time...but wont be the last time >:D Something for kenhan.. Go and watch him! Art by me and character belongs to kenhan Posted using PostyBirb
  16. Something special for ndragon3 featuring the sexy Gehenna and some watercolor pencils :D I never used those pencils...and let's say im so bad with watercolors Art by me and character belongs to ndragon3 Posted using PostyBirb
  17. not so much to say! a commision for Platinum (and character belongs to him!) Art by me Posted using PostyBirb
  18. Elmont

    rollin boi

    he turns and shows you the sexyness of the fruits :D Done as test with pencil2D... aaaaand i ended giving up because it haves more bugs than ubisoft games Posted using PostyBirb
  19. Elmont

    the Final fantasy crew!

    its final fantasy time! Some cool work for my friend Madd -w- go and check some stuff he haves on instagram, he haves ton of FF stuff (and some really cute cats) https://www.instagram.com/finalfantasyfinds/ Posted using PostyBirb
  20. Elmont

    bleppo sneppo -comm-

    another comm for the cool snep! this time he is more chuby and less spooky! art by me and Kady belongs to...Kandy :'D (https://www.furaffinity.net/user/kanehigourashi/) Posted using PostyBirb
  21. Elmont

    shall we dance? -comm-

    a commision for a silly friend! -w- Kandy belongs to..Kandy (https://www.furaffinity.net/user/kanehigourashi/ ) art by me Posted using PostyBirb
  22. Elmont

    the war never changes

    From the album: General art!

    why not a meme? :'D
  23. Elmont

    it shines!

    From the album: General art!

    for god sake! it shines! and its a star! Can you feel those super mario vibes?
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