1. Lugan sprite

    Lugan sprite

    I'm not sure on the bird's clothes colors still. But I do like how he came out. ~-~ Commissions are OPEN. Just send me a DM if you're interested. Buy me a chocolate! ko-fi Follow me on twitter, i post small arts and sketches there. https://twitter.com/Arc_Yama My TOS https://docs.google.com/docu
  2. Good friend

    Good friend

    Hah! I really like their expressions ^^ Patreon reward! Thanks a lot for your comments, likes, fav and watch! <3 ___________ Artwork by me Sunny Way Characters belongs to Feuerklaue Patreon reward for Feuerklaue ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ✧ Support me on Patreon ✧ ✧ Support me on Subscribe Star ✧
  3. Ink011 57

    Ink011 57

    She has dyslexia. #Drawtober
  4. Commission | AnthroLoverJay | Jeff

    Commission | AnthroLoverJay | Jeff

    A head shot commission for AnthroLoverJay! I really enjoyed this as I don't get to draw bird characters often. Thanks, Jay. I appreciate it. <3 Posted using PostyBirb
  5. Pink Peregrine

    Pink Peregrine

  6. YCH - Falconer for a Day

    YCH - Falconer for a Day

    [Originally posted on Jul 1 2019] Here's the "Falconer for a Day" YCH, finally completed! (It's actually been completed for a week, but I kept forgetting to post it during the limited time I had on my PC due to the recent heatwave) Arf-Axel and I thank you all for your bids! The two lil' ke
  7. #5 partial

    #5 partial

    This was my first partial to just sell, Smudge is showing it off very cat like poses here. I still see the partial in use I think I sold it to someone from AL and it goes by Watson? not sure. As with most of my suits they get bought and I never see them again. maybe I should invest in tags.
  8. #5 falcon

    #5 falcon

    first time doing costume parts with a head, and promptly stopped that as there was no demand for it and it was extra work. work smarter not harder. :P head base and tongue by DVC