1. Autumn


  2. Rocky


  3. Merry Crimbus!

    Merry Crimbus!

  4. Number 100

    Number 100

  5. Silly Little Cube

    Silly Little Cube

  6. Deer Forest

    Deer Forest

  7. I talk to the spirits.png

    I talk to the spirits.png

  8. winter walk

    winter walk

  9. Muse


  10. 2017 DigiJuly: Gatomon

    2017 DigiJuly: Gatomon

  11. Willow The Somali Cat

    Willow The Somali Cat

  12. The creator and the creation

    The creator and the creation

  13. Sarie

    PATREON PIN CLUB! Icon commissions, stickers, and more!

    Patreon commissions that were done yesterday! Interested in signing up? I offer all sorts of goodies for all sorts of tiers, ranging from a sticker only tier, a USA pin club tier, and for the best value, the $25 tier! The $25 tier gets you... - A monthly digital icon - A sticker AND an...
  14. More Kristoff Telegram Stickers

    More Kristoff Telegram Stickers

    A collection of small illustrations of an anthropomorphic snow leopard. They are lying under a pile of plushies; scratching their claws down the fourth wall; being slobbered on by another character; blushing and looking away; meowing incessantly; and crossing their arms with a grumpy expression
  15. ha gottem

    ha gottem

    first drawin of 2021 on my new ipad!
  16. Milo on wheels

    Milo on wheels

    A redo of my saber sona, in my Levo wheelchair for July, which is Disability Pride. :D July 2019
  17. Take Me To Your Best Friend's House

    Take Me To Your Best Friend's House

  18. C - Lando Chibi

    C - Lando Chibi

  19. F2U Base

    F2U Base

    This can be used for adopts, customs, PERSONAL refs, etc. Do not delete the credit, you can move it though. Lines can be edited. Comes in both a transparent version and a PSD version! ---> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/elvvxk3dipvdteo/AAAQaADQLjAw3pQHTPIhPRUca?dl=0 Please show me if you use these...
  20. More tongues and noses!

    More tongues and noses!