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  1. Episode Four: Teresa's Discovery

    Episode Four: Teresa's Discovery

    The skunk screamed, muzzle stretched into a wide gap and pink tongue curling around the single, terrified syllable. Hector moaned, let his lashes flutter and peeked just enough to be sure she had no weapon, that he wasn’t about to be beaten or stabbed… again. He’d chosen the walkway as his...
  2. Episode Three: The Soup is Ruined

    Episode Three: The Soup is Ruined

    Millie’s daughter-in-law was an angel. When Jeremy brought home the diminutive red squirrel, she’d questioned how so delicate an animal could thrive alongside her robust son. Patricia surprised her. Raised in a nest with six rowdy siblings, the girl could probably hold her own against a nest of...
  3. Episode Two: Hector's Plight

    Episode Two: Hector's Plight

    Hector pulled the blanket around his body and leaned into the wind. His fur rippled, silver across his shoulders and back but fading to a pale ivory along his belly. He limped along the dark roadway, stumbling when a loose stone rolled beneath his paws. His bald tail whipped back and forth above...
  4. Episode One: The Toad's Prophecy

    Episode One: The Toad's Prophecy

    The toad had slept in her yard for seven seasons. He moved very little, spoke even less, and aside from a brief week when the snows covered his warty hide and she feared he’d freeze solid, had been no trouble at all. Millie’s friends had suggested she evict him. He paid no fee at the inn, but...
  5. Egalitarian Crusaders Chapter 3

    Egalitarian Crusaders Chapter 3

    Imperial Onslaught Fall After three weeks EC push Onslaught out of the Fire Kingdom and Orovlovskia, they prepare to invade Onslaught lands. Capture their capital "Nemesis" and Emperor Orcono. Emperor Orcono is a very egotistical loud mouth Fox. WarWolf send in several recon units to find any...
  6. Egalitarian Crusaders Chapter 2

    Egalitarian Crusaders Chapter 2

    The Cry for Help After pulling out from Yetboto and go back home to Excalavon. EC are now looking for a next target. Looking which country that with plenty of corruption, rights violations or imperials. But first WarWolf must meet Excalavon's President Kassdra Eve. It's a reward ceremony on his...
  7. Egalitarian Crusaders Chapter 1

    Egalitarian Crusaders Chapter 1

    The First Crusade WarWolf is about to began his first crusade. The target country is Yetboto and corrupt Prime Minster Gavie the lazy bird. It's a multi-island nation where 1.2 million people live and it notorious for it's cruel prison system. It also keep people in jail for years for those who...
  8. Egalitarian Crusaders Chapter 0

    Egalitarian Crusaders Chapter 0

    Fighting for others Freedom The Egalitarian Crusaders or EC for short, are a small yet powerful force with the most advance technology. Their origins came from the technological nation called Excalavon. Excalavon was a dictatorship where the people suffer and the elite thrive. A powerful and...
  9. Space & Sci-fi

    Space & Sci-fi

    Welcome to the official space & sci-fi group! Group members are more than welcome to post about anything about world-building, related fandoms, NASA, SpaceX, astronomy, various types of science, and more!
  10. ThE LegenD OF VantaS

    ThE LegenD OF VantaS

    Here's a full version of the thumbnail in the first ChronicA CodeX entry. Considering my usual skill with painting, I don't think this is half bad! I also really wanna start drawing mechs more. ;m;
  11. jayfeather bust

    jayfeather bust

  12. Cyborg Zorgoia Custom

    Cyborg Zorgoia Custom

    A finished Zorgoia custom for an anonymous user. :3