1. Flower Sheep doodle

    Flower Sheep doodle

    I just wanted to draw a sheep and I went with a grass/flower theme.
  2. Sunflower


    Gift art for @ BAanarki on Twitter
  3. [2020] HEATHER

    [2020] HEATHER

  4. Escapisim


    Amid the world’s stress, I wanted to create a picture that captured the feeling of being at ease. This picture helped me escape the reality of quarantine and venture into a tropical paradise!
  5. Art Fight 2019 | Cross

    Art Fight 2019 | Cross

    My first Art Fight attack ever. From 2019! I've drawn the lines traditionally and the colors digitally.
  6. Prince LaRue - Headshot

    Prince LaRue - Headshot

    An old headshot of Prince LaRue from 2018 I feel like I've improved a lot since back then. I really should draw him again some time >3< More of Prince LaRue: https://toyhou.se/2106377.prince-larue
  7. Painted Bust Commission

    Painted Bust Commission

    YCH painted bust illustration commission done for @ LonelySpaceCat on IG. Not sure how I feel about it. 🤔 SOCIALS: https://linktr.ee/pink.doq
  8. Kalvin Origins

    Kalvin Origins

    My OC Kalvin has his origins in a Chicken Smoothie pet! This is an oekaki which I've drawn on CS. The flowers are items there which you can use to decorate your pet. When I asked and was not allowed to use the original design of the fox when drawing Kalvin outside of CS, so I just used a similar
  9. Picking Flowers

    Picking Flowers

    The first time I've drawn a somewhat finished picture of Kalvin by myself! In 2018. Snouts have been very difficult for me. And legs. And everything.
  10. FurVilla Kalvin

    FurVilla Kalvin

    Kalvin has been my first furry OC and I used him as my avatar before I switched to my cornwolf this year! The first time I've drawn him was as a FurVilla paintie in 2016 (drawing furries was soooo hard for me back then, I needed a base lmao). Also coloring digitally was hard for me, so I've chan
  11. Full Bloom

    Full Bloom

    YCH commission for a friend. 2019.
  12. birdie sticker design

    birdie sticker design

    Just a sticker design I may be selling in the future. Made for all bird lovers. <3
  13. [P] Celene

    [P] Celene

    I meant to finish this a few days ago oop. A redraw of an old 2017 piece of my felideer Celene
  14. [P] Persephone

    [P] Persephone

    Updated Headshot example. Gotta refresh the examples every once in a while.~ I used persephone because her palette is so pleasing. This is a shaded headshot example so peeps know what to expect!
  15. Vampire Duchess

    Vampire Duchess

    Another Halloween comm, another vampire! Honestly I don't get tired of it, who doesn't love vampires? ╔═════════════════════════════╗ ♡ Support me on Patreon: Click Me! ♡ Check out my commissions: Click Me! ╚═════════════════════════════╝
  16. Chibi Eden

    Chibi Eden

    I'm doing YCH for these
  17. Welcome To Hell

    Welcome To Hell

    First full drawing made with my new tablet! Its also the first full drawing I've done with Photoshop! I wanted to do something quick and I think this was pretty quick but I didn't time it. I really like the result and it was really fun to make. Definitely can't wait to do more. PROGRAM: Photosho
  18. ArtTrade Greypfruit

    ArtTrade Greypfruit

    For greypfruit !!! I do hope you like it! Art-© CaptainMarshie