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  1. [G] KeyLimeBat

    [G] KeyLimeBat

    A gift for my very good friend KeyLimeBat who had a birthday recently!
  2. [G] KeyLimeBat

    [G] KeyLimeBat

    Pride icon gift for KeyLimeBat.
  3. [G] CherryFlavoredBlood

    [G] CherryFlavoredBlood

    Pride icon gift for CherryFlavoredBlood.
  4. [G] LouBlue

    [G] LouBlue

    Pride icon gift for my partner, LouBlue.
  5. Misery Business

    Misery Business

    Partial gift for my friend squidcats! Atari (left) belongs to her, and Mania (right) belongs to me! Atari was designed by LouBlue, and Mania was designed by MonsterDrool!
  6. [G] KeyLimeBat

    [G] KeyLimeBat

    Gift for my friend KeyLimeBat.
  7. Mira for Grizzox

    Mira for Grizzox

  8. End of another wonderful day

    End of another wonderful day

  9. Tiburompleaños


  10. igor's theme

    igor's theme

    gift fan work for https://twitter.com/SirLansolot as a com example
  11. the finest of noodles.png

    the finest of noodles.png

    gift art for @Venthas as a com example
  12. Summoning


  13. Gift for Werenimal

    Gift for Werenimal

  14. Birthday Hatboy

    Birthday Hatboy

  15. Motorcycle


    It went from a simple school doodle to a full blown digital piece! And this goes for my teacher, whose I have really good connection and contact with. He knows about my situations, living status and cares for me which I appreciate. He LOVES my digital artwork, even complements when I’m working...
  16. Sashimi


  17. racoon face icon

    racoon face icon

  18. Just Aika

    Just Aika

  19. Gift for MidloGoat

    Gift for MidloGoat

  20. Gabriella


    I dedicated this character to somebody who means very, very much to me. Her name is Gabriella and she's the first red panda I designed. She's also part of my music project's (UF) lore. Don't get fooled by the rainbow flag, she's does not swing THAT way. She just likes rainbows, love and peace...