1. Furry Fandom Safety Guide

    Furry Fandom Safety Guide

    While this is primarily for use in the Furry Fandom it applies to everyone online, minor or not. This is just a guide to help people spot signs of abuse. Please pass this on to people who you feel may be suffering from abuse. Feel free to repost as this is a community resource. Portuguese...
  2. All-Reality Tour

    All-Reality Tour

    "Reality" is a technical term that applies to a subdivision of Teradawa (the all-reality). At this moment, most stories take place in a single reality while another one is referenced in passing once in a while. However, an infinite number of them exist, each containing their own universes...
  3. ☾ Ⅼithi-Chan ☾

    'About Me' Tab Decorating And How?

    I have tried everything in the book to get the codes to work but can't for the life of me figure out what Im doing wrong... I just want to put some stickers up and use images for links to places (like buttons) and so on. (I figured out how to color text, just highlight and pick a color) But is...
  4. Stahz Dragon

    A brief guide to Tagging

    So you are about to post a new image to the site. Great! But before you do, lets just take a moment to go over some simple tags to put on that post of yours.  Some Basic tags include the gender of the characters and the species. Are they Anthro or Feral? While these are very simple tags, they...
  5. BPStuart

    So you started a group, Now what?

    (Edit note: This was created for a previous build of FLO and so i can not gaurentee new system will work the same, or answer questions about the new system.) Groups are a way to show interest in a topic sure, but they should become hubs of discussion on the topic of the group. To acomplish...
  6. The body chart for commissions UPDATE

    The body chart for commissions UPDATE

    For my commissions, I have now included a Bodytype chart on the Anthro scale so that you can accurately point out how anthro your character's body is. I know that most people have either Feral or Humanoid OCs, but there are people who have that weird in-between (like myself) and it can be difficul
  7. Helpful Arm Stretches for Artists

    Helpful Arm Stretches for Artists

    Newgrounds ✧ FurAffinity ✧ DeviantArt ✧ Inkbunny Ko-fi ✧ Patreon ✧ Paypal ✧ YCHs ✧ Commission Prices ✧ Prints & Shirts Feel free to suggest tags/Keywords to my artwork. It is very much appreciated! Here is a small list of Arm Stretches that have helped me incredibly in healing my arm. The ma