1. bruiser


  2. kolo


  3. sarie


  4. glam bat

    glam bat

    a heavily shaded headshot of a burgundy bat with pink hair. he has heavy eye makeup, thick dark eyebrows and lipstick. his expression is an arrogant smile, almost a sneer.
  5. it's a blasphemous world today

    it's a blasphemous world today

    stylized headshot of my fursona delta, a brown and teal dragon with many golden spikes and long whiskers, set in a purple triangle on a transparent background.
  6. Painted Pfp

    Painted Pfp

    Vry pretty pfp of my Op 😌 https://twitter.com/Coyot_Tea/status/1317598972819599361?s=20
  7. Full body Examples

    Full body Examples

  8. Half body examples

    Half body examples

  9. Bust Examples

    Bust Examples

  10. Headshot examples

    Headshot examples

  11. Half body and full body sketch examples

    Half body and full body sketch examples

  12. Headshot and Bust Sketches

    Headshot and Bust Sketches

  13. Christmas Silren

    Christmas Silren

  14. Azoth new puppy

    Azoth new puppy

  15. isla


    a smiling headshot of isla, a cabbit woman. she has blue eyes, grey fur with white tips, long grey ears with chestnut tufts on the end, and a long chestnut ponytail.
  16. Wruff


  17. Raffle prize for NautyCallWolfeh

    Raffle prize for NautyCallWolfeh

  18. for duckyrumba

    for duckyrumba

    gift for @/duckyrumba on twitter
  19. Jeanbattle Headshot

    Jeanbattle Headshot

    Request I asked YellowEngine226 (Fa) Here is an icon of my main character this time without the glasses Hope you like it (and yes, I didn't have much to say).
  20. Andrew 2.0

    Andrew 2.0

    New headshot for my boyfriend /o/