1. <3 <3 <3

    <3 <3 <3

    Awesome gift from a great friend: https://twitter.com/ArtDasu/status/1347426683377254400?s=20
  2. Ops of Jupiter

    Ops of Jupiter

    A commission in the style of the album art for Drops of Jupiter by Train for a playlist of mine.
  3. Snow Angel ❄

    Snow Angel ❄

    My boyfriend lives down where it's always hot, so I gotta enjoy the snow for the both of us. https://twitter.com/spookyfoxinc/status/1350779238710996994?s=20
  4. Smile for the Pfp!

    Smile for the Pfp!

    Another raffle art! This was the last in a pretty long lucky streak for me lol. https://twitter.com/treerex0414/status/1343928599242534919?s=20
  5. Wanna Hold Hands?

    Wanna Hold Hands?

    Cute "Night in the Woods"-Style raffle pic I was lucky to win. https://twitter.com/void_kikera/status/1338889896874872832?s=20
  6. Just a Couple 😌

    Just a Couple 😌

    Cute raffle reward that the artist let me pay to add my boyfriend to :3 https://twitter.com/boyo_francis/status/1335798708512776192?s=20
  7. I'mma Star Boy ✨

    I'mma Star Boy ✨

    Ko-Fi Reward. Aaaaand a cute one 😎 https://ko-fi.com/doozical
  8. Wade Sheet

    Wade Sheet

    Got this comm from a guy on a discord server I'm in. Great dude. https://twitter.com/thatoneotherowl/status/1334641764024651776?s=20
  9. Holding Hands

    Holding Hands

    Commed by Boyfriends' friend for this. They did a great job :3 https://twitter.com/shawniie_bug/status/1329864811983867906?s=20
  10. A Moment in the Rain

    A Moment in the Rain

    Lovely pic. Please support this artist, they are so good! https://twitter.com/Gabnart/status/1320849441075724301?s=20
  11. Boyfriend Painting Nails

    Boyfriend Painting Nails

    It might have been easier to paint that hand by myself, but it's the thought that counts 💙💙💙
  12. Sketchy Op Boy

    Sketchy Op Boy

    Got this as a gift for a donation I did a while back. https://twitter.com/weremagnus/status/1316795269652992000?s=20
  13. Gaming Op

    Gaming Op

    Got this cute gif to sit on top of the album art in the "Now Playing" box when I listen to music while streaming on Twitch. https://www.twitch.tv/wadeshoe
  14. happy 2021

    happy 2021

  15. WadeRef


    Super Cute Reference sheet to show the little uniquenesses of my character and featuring my boyfriend since half the art I get features him 😅 https://twitter.com/Sadymystic/status/1306475033208913920?s=20
  16. Happy Boys

    Happy Boys

    Won this in my first of a decent number of raffles :) https://twitter.com/Punkedfox/status/1304055777775226882?
  17. Wade Blep pfp

    Wade Blep pfp

    Just a nice and simple profile picture commission I got from an artist I wanted to support :) https://twitter.com/supertoastymutt/status/1303134314910150656?s=20
  18. A Tight Hug

    A Tight Hug

    Bf wasn't feeling too well the one day so I got this as a speedy commission to help cheer him up. So many hugs I wish I could give that sweetie 😤
  19. Carrying a Cutie

    Carrying a Cutie

    Just my Op carrying his lovely boyfriend gator. My boyfriends little sketches will never not make me smile 🥰
  20. TraditionalWade


    Another cute little drawing my boyfriend drew of me 🥰