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  1. Thank You

    Thank You

  2. The evolution of Jeanbattle

    The evolution of Jeanbattle

    Here it is shown how my character has evolved over time, going from being a stickman knight to then being a teenager with a wolf's tail to then becoming a Werewolf (the one that many already know) and to ending up in a wolf. Go my character has evolved so much and tell me, which of the four...
  3. [c] That's not a Football - Compiled

    [c] That's not a Football - Compiled

  4. Daisy O says....

    Daisy O says....

  5. Tendercember


  6. Tendercember Day 25 - Gift

    Tendercember Day 25 - Gift

  7. Tendercember Day 12 - Mistletoe

    Tendercember Day 12 - Mistletoe

  8. [c] Beach Day - 2/5

    [c] Beach Day - 2/5

  9. My hun and I

    My hun and I

    Couple picture
  10. [c] Beach Day - 1/5

    [c] Beach Day - 1/5

  11. Birth


  12. Jeanbattle's Family

    Jeanbattle's Family

    Art made by 2005abelantifurros (Fa) Here Jean shows us his Family His mother: Martha (1975) His Father: Sergio (1971) And his sister: Ana (2006) Fun facts: Martha was raised in the wild and is the largest of the family (In terms of height) Sergio works in a successful clothing company as a...
  13. Tears


  14. 3D and Blender

    3D and Blender

  15. NyanS Does a Sleep

    NyanS Does a Sleep

  16. Amicus fanart

    Amicus fanart

    I wanted to do a little Amicus fanart (Yes, I'm not doing anything for April Fools' Day) This character belongs to a game / novel called Adastra created by Echoproject Echoproject (I do not recommend playing this game if you are underage (Because it contains sex)) Quería hacer un pequeño fanart...
  17. Snickers and Smiles [Comm]

    Snickers and Smiles [Comm]

  18. Lollipop, POP! [Comm]

    Lollipop, POP! [Comm]

  19. 2020 Art Summary

    2020 Art Summary

  20. She Angy, No Talk To Her [Comm]

    She Angy, No Talk To Her [Comm]