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  1. thefleshmustgrow

    The continued albiest bahavior in fandom spaces

    Figured this would fit here, as its a more broad world centric topic then just furry. But i have noticed and been continually disappointed and shocked at continuous and blatant, and even violent abliesm in fandom spaces, even in ones that claim to be more progressive. from hostility towards...
  2. Oerpink

    The twitter down and deleted tweets

    so today twitter went down and took alot of peoples tweets including some of mine with it. multiple tweets from individuals have been deleted. idk if its just me but i also can no longer make tweets or quote retweet but can do regular retweets and like. is anyone else having this problem to...
  3. alyazabirze

    the Gravel Institute has launched a Youtube channel seeking to be the left-wing alternative to PragerU

    after their ultimately quixotic effort to get Mike Gravel on the debate stage last year, and awhile of being a twitter-left account with one publication to their name, the Gravel Institute seems to finally be doing something, and that something is a Youtube channel which they want to be the...
  4. alyazabirze

    U.S. To Bar Downloads Of TikTok, WeChat

    did you zoomers think you were safe from braindead american political policy and a general lack of common sense? because if so, i am saddened to report that this is not true and that you are not immune to the moronic whims of the american government: U.S. To Bar Downloads Of TikTok, WeChat i...
  5. Overload


    14, October 2019 Whoops missed my Inktober doodles! This was about the time I was beginning to feel overwhelmed by internet. A familiar feeling I'm sure. Art and character (c) Myself Posted using PostyBirb