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  1. Lesbian Valentine

    Lesbian Valentine

    Valentine card commission done for McFeist :3 I can see some progress in my art!
  2. Lesbian valentine (detail)

    Lesbian valentine (detail)

    Close up of Valentine card commission done for McFeist :3 I love how it came out!
  3. Lesbian furs

    Lesbian furs

  4. Hey Girl

    Hey Girl

    Angel Heart and Wren Nocturnal (c) myself Lesbian pride flag by Emily Gwen MLPFiM belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust
  5. I'm So Into You!

    I'm So Into You!

    My two femme lesbian ocs ;__; I need to draw them more!
  6. Bingus and Floppa

    Bingus and Floppa

    i joked enough about this with my friends, now they are lesbians and you can't stop me
  7. ♡ Girls ♡

    ♡ Girls ♡

    ♡ Little sketch for the lesbian visibility day! ♡ ♡ Daika belongs to CRYM3SS on twitter ♡
  8. Knight Practice

    Knight Practice

    Day 4 done! Made Monso (Water Elemental) and Halle (Envoy Courier (orange)) because they're relatively new species, so they haven't had as much chance for characters yet. Monso and Halle have known eachother since they were kids, when Monso defended Halle from bullies teasing her for being too squi
  9. Eko sketch

    Eko sketch

    Commission for Eko okami Follow me on other platforms: Furaffinity: MilkQueen Twitter: @MilkQween / @Millysinbin
  10. Pride in pixels

    Pride in pixels

  11. sappho and her friend

    sappho and her friend

    Just received these 2 characters from the same person, and I knew they had to be "roommates"! I'm still deciding if they should be from the 50's-70's or in the present day. they both wear a bracelet that is their partner's eye color! the dog on the left is named Kimberly, or Kim, and the cat is name
  12. Tungsten and Lacey

    Tungsten and Lacey

    they're girlfriends!!
  13. crush


    early 2020 featuring Ness and my gfs fursona still really like this piece
  14. kiss


  15. Yeah, we gay

    Yeah, we gay

    A little something for me and my gf Happy Pride??? Posted using PostyBirb
  16. Feline lesbianism

    Feline lesbianism

    *smooches in lesbianese*
  17. Cuddlin'


    Made For: ┏━━━━━━ ☆ ━━━━━━━┓ Wanna get something for yourself? Go here! https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery.....CH-Always-Open ┗━━━━━━ ☆ ━━━━━━━┛ Art: Original Sketch: Cynical-Pancake   。。⋆ ✩|Wanna help fund more free raffles/tip me? <3|✩ ⋆ 。。 Buy Me a Coffee!<3
  18. Girls lineup

    Girls lineup

    characters of my story
  19. taylor and tiff

    taylor and tiff

    for a friend