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  1. A Greater Society - Chapter 49: Ultimatum

    A Greater Society - Chapter 49: Ultimatum

    Chapter can be read here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/40147866/ Please support my work so I can keep the lights on and the bills paid. https://www.patreon.com/ratte https://ko-fi.com/ratte https://paypal.me/silasagnostos
  2. Tick tock

    Tick tock

    Began as gift art inspired by Tick Tock Croc, resulted in a tip 💜 For https://www.furaffinity.net/user/sirsprinkly July 2020
  3. Watch my show!

    Watch my show!

    Title card for Ronan Raccoon :3 https://twitter.com/RonanRaccoon?s=21 I love doing mock-ups~ Ronan suggested it, and I couldn’t resist. I’m thinking of offering these as a commission option!
  4. Trigger


    Commission for Jacky @ https://www.furaffinity.net/user/jacky Apr 28, 2020
  5. Light


    I should speed up uploading all those Chrismas themed pictures, oops.
  6. Gazza’s selfie

    Gazza’s selfie

    Early or mid 2020
  7. Wade Sheet

    Wade Sheet

    Got this comm from a guy on a discord server I'm in. Great dude. https://twitter.com/thatoneotherowl/status/1334641764024651776?s=20
  8. Holding Hands

    Holding Hands

    Commed by Boyfriends' friend for this. They did a great job :3 https://twitter.com/shawniie_bug/status/1329864811983867906?s=20
  9. Cool Op in Warm Scarf

    Cool Op in Warm Scarf

    Won this as a Raffle Prize. Am very grateful. https://twitter.com/niceglitch/status/1329814150554509319?s=20
  10. [c] That's not a Football - Compiled

    [c] That's not a Football - Compiled

  11. [c] That's not a Football - 6/6

    [c] That's not a Football - 6/6

  12. my artist -- commission

    my artist -- commission

  13. sport friends -- commission

    sport friends -- commission

  14. Wade Headshot

    Wade Headshot

    A nice simple pfp I got from a minecraft building competition of all things 😅
  15. A Moment in the Rain

    A Moment in the Rain

    Lovely pic. Please support this artist, they are so good! https://twitter.com/Gabnart/status/1320849441075724301?s=20
  16. Boyfriend Painting Nails

    Boyfriend Painting Nails

    It might have been easier to paint that hand by myself, but it's the thought that counts 💙💙💙
  17. Sketchy Op Boy

    Sketchy Op Boy

    Got this as a gift for a donation I did a while back. https://twitter.com/weremagnus/status/1316795269652992000?s=20
  18. Gaming Op

    Gaming Op

    Got this cute gif to sit on top of the album art in the "Now Playing" box when I listen to music while streaming on Twitch. https://www.twitch.tv/wadeshoe
  19. [com] Riverfang - Wandering The Forest

    [com] Riverfang - Wandering The Forest

  20. [ych] Gator Lake

    [ych] Gator Lake