1. Magus Nightshade Ref

    Magus Nightshade Ref

    I did this reference a little while ago, but totally forgot to upload it!! My cranky old man Magus Nightshade, and his adorable pet rats Castor and Pollux~ Designed originally by Porcelainpony! But I designed his cutiemark - it's one of my favourites ^o^
  2. Skyler_Duskpaw Rainbow Power

    Skyler_Duskpaw Rainbow Power

    Completed YCH for :iconSkyler_Duskpaw:! This is the original design, for reference~ Thank you for commissioning me! Rainbow Power YCH:
  3. Tavern Party

    Tavern Party

    Weeeew this was a very long and difficult commission! I love a challenge though, and I really did push myself in new ways with this one ^o^ It might not be perfect, but I learned SO much from this and ultimately I'm proud of what I accomplished~ The next time I tackle a big painting like this, it wi
  4. Moonlight Sprite

    Moonlight Sprite

    Hello lovelies~ This is an experimental trade I did for Rottled @ FA of their partner's character! I had SO much fun with this, I really pushed myself to do something different and I think it really paid off ^o^/ I hope I can do more work like this in the future haha
  5. Bluff


    Chibi trade for Lagena on TH! They wanted me to use Noodle from Gorillaz as inspiration, and I really had a lot of fun with that!!! I'm super happy with the result ^w^


    Waist up trade for LETSSELLSTUFF on TH! I really enjoyed this one, what a cutie~
  7. MLP Pride Flag Adopts 1: OPEN

    MLP Pride Flag Adopts 1: OPEN

    I put a lot into these so they're going to be a little more expensive! Paypal only for now~ 1) Midnight Glide (Ace) - $15 2) Swan Lake (Trans) - CLOSED 3) Sunshine Splash (Lesbian) - CLOSED 4) Rubix Cube (Genderqueer + rainbow) - $15 Please read my TOS before buying, thank you! https://to
  8. ACNL Villager Adopties 1: OPEN

    ACNL Villager Adopties 1: OPEN

    They're all $10 ^o^/ (I may also take 1000 points, but paypal is preferred) 1) Devil Bunny - CLOSED 2) Peachy Poodle - OPEN 3) Sweet Dreams Wolf - CLOSED Please read my TOS before buying, thank you!
  9. Capricorn OTA

    Capricorn OTA

    I drew this design for a competition but I didn't win, so it's up for OTA now~ I'll look at any offers, but I worked hard on this so please don't lowball me ;w;  Paypal is most preferred!! > art > characters/adopts > DA points Autobuy: $40 Please read my TOS before buying, thank you!
  10. Queerly Beloved Pride Merch

    Queerly Beloved Pride Merch

    So I was thinking to myself, dang there are just so few good pansexual shirts and stuff and I'd really love some more cute pride things - and you know what I'm a bloody artist so I decided to make some myself!! And once I made one, well the others all kind of just naturally followed haha I know I'v
  11. P00F


    My gay magical boy weeb showing off his Rainbow Power ✨✨✨ I'm working on his ref atm and this is gonna be on it~ They take a lot of effort but I really love designing Rainbow Power forms for my pony ocs ;w; I always go over the top with the colours and sparkles though rip
  12. Rainbow Child

    Rainbow Child

    So I have a super love/hate relationship with the rainbow power pony designs, I kind of really like the idea and some of the designs for the mane 6, but at the same time they look really dumb ;-; BUT I wanted to do a rainbow power version for Plush Blush because she's adorable and why not (also Blus
  13. Tiger Princess

    Tiger Princess

    My precious princess boy Amelie and his pet tiger Baahir ♥ I wanted to try something new for a change, and I think it turned out pretty good!! ;w; yay me
  14. Mr Cool

    Mr Cool

    A little gift for my beloved Ben <3
  15. Diner Date

    Diner Date

    Pin up for Chiffonrabbit <3
  16. Blue Skies

    Blue Skies

    Ghibli-inspired twitter banner for Chiffonrabbit <3
  17. Rose Gold Life

    Rose Gold Life

    Chibi for Chiffonrabbit <3
  18. Wtichy Pony

    Wtichy Pony

    Another Halloween YCH, this was a batch of 4! Right to left, top to bottom: ChibiLadyFox SweetHearts11 BubaIuv Lovewhile <3
  19. Ghosthunter


    Halloween YCH for Night-Monster!
  20. Keyhole Jumper

    Keyhole Jumper

    YCH for Tennyson1911~