1. Picnic


  2. 2020 Art Summary

    2020 Art Summary

    oh my
  3. Trade


  4. Leelo's Ref Sheet

    Leelo's Ref Sheet

    I made Leelo, one of my sonas, a ref sheet! Look at her <3
  5. Christmas Stickers

    Christmas Stickers

    A few lil stickers for friends!
  6. Commission for Waflez

    Commission for Waflez

    Really enjoyed working on this!
  7. Teta & Po

    Teta & Po

    New oc I created for myself! Kappa inspired. The lil tadpole is Po!!!
  8. Commission: StarrBunny

    Commission: StarrBunny

    Full body commission
  9. Billie Frog

    Billie Frog

    Just a quick doodle of my sona Billie wearing a frog dress I just got!!
  10. Mira


    Experimental commission for Doomcat
  11. Glowy Ghost Sketch Commission

    Glowy Ghost Sketch Commission

    Another ghosty piece &lt;3
  12. Chibi Prize

    Chibi Prize

    A cuti! Loved working on this one
  13. Trade with Lemmon

    Trade with Lemmon

    My part of a trade with Lemmon/Rancid
  14. Tchi


    New oc Tchi designed by Belial, slightly redesigned by myself!
  15. Halloween YCH for ShilohBat

    Halloween YCH for ShilohBat

    Particularly love the pumpkins
  16. Unicorn Possum OTA with Spider pet (OPEN)

    Unicorn Possum OTA with Spider pet (OPEN)

    More info there: https://twitter.com/MiishaBee/status/1323710193784492032?s=20
  17. Serval Bat OTA (CLOSED)

    Serval Bat OTA (CLOSED)

  18. Mini chib bust (commission)

    Mini chib bust (commission)

  19. Mini Chib Bust (raffle prize)

    Mini Chib Bust (raffle prize)

    For a raffle on Twitter!
  20. Colored Painting

    Colored Painting

    Street wear commission (colored version)