1. A Greater Society - Chapter 49: Ultimatum

    A Greater Society - Chapter 49: Ultimatum

    Chapter can be read here: Please support my work so I can keep the lights on and the bills paid.
  2. Scientific research

    Scientific research

    Morris T. Erlenmeyer! For August 2020
  3. Polycule things

    Polycule things

  4. Raffle prize for Kalita

    Raffle prize for Kalita

  5. onward to glory!

    onward to glory!

    Shaded Fullbody Commission for Tyrantlord26 on Furaffinity! (reupload, was deleted in the site switch)
  6. squeak'ums!


    fullbody commission for TumbleBlunder on Twitter (reupload, was deleted in the site switch)
  7. grey_sq.png


  8. Rascals 581 by Mastergodai

    Rascals 581 by Mastergodai

    Sandy: Time to rumble!!! Sandy: On an all new Rascals at Come Visit Kemono Cafe at Consider supporting us on #Patreon at Get some Foxy Coffee on our #KoFi page at...
  9. Rascals 579 by Mastergodai

    Rascals 579 by Mastergodai

    Sandy: TKO! Sandy: Catch up with Rascals at Art by Mastergodai Mastergodai
  10. VR Chat Avatar

    VR Chat Avatar

    Vr Chat avatar designed by Neko // Commission Open#8634 on Discord (Name may change) A gift from JordanTheChipmunk on IB This is just a basic avatar of Darick the mouse for VR Chat no bells and whistles. It will be nice walking around as one of my OCs and not as someone else like Lord Beerus...
  11. Darick Centry

    Darick Centry

    A gift from the very kind and awesome friend from another site (Who disappeared some time ago and I miss a lot)
  12. Zavitor commission

    Zavitor commission

  13. larryhardin1 commission

    larryhardin1 commission

  14. [Comm] Ziirumi

    [Comm] Ziirumi

    Finished reference sheet commission for
  15. [Comm] Ziirumi - alt

    [Comm] Ziirumi - alt

    Finished reference sheet commission for (alternate leg warmers color)
  16. Commission for SmallerGod and Alpha-baisse

    Commission for SmallerGod and Alpha-baisse

    A commission for SmallerGod and Alpha-baisse on FA! Jenny and Claire enjoying some 'za at what is totally not a retro Pizza Hut. Characters (c) their respective creators! Posted using PostyBirb
  17. [CM] Luna Color Sketch Page

    [CM] Luna Color Sketch Page

    Originally drawn in September 2018. Character (c) LunaMouse Commissioned by BauBear Traditional media sketch page with single color upgrade; copic markers. Posted using PostyBirb
  18. Meekah and Jade - Anime Versions

    Meekah and Jade - Anime Versions

    This is such a cute pic of Meekah and Jade in their Alternate Anime Universe! They are SO CUTE TOGETHER! <3 Meekah and Jade are part of the Faircrest Comics Fantasy World. Please leave us a comment if you like what you see! Support us for FREE by reading and subscribing to the comic at either W
  19. Tatiana's photoshoot

    Tatiana's photoshoot

    Commissioned work Tatiana doing a foot fetish shoot I have a commission sale right now, 50€ full color, 30€ black and white with tones this is one of them -------------------------- If you liked it, as always, favs and upvotes will help me a lot to spread my art a little bit Twitter:
  20. hereford mouse { closed }

    hereford mouse { closed }

    - closed -