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  1. Pixel Lotus.gif

    Pixel Lotus.gif

    For my girlfriend @VacantVisage
  2. Xinjinmeng by GreyOfPTA⚖🐲🍩

    Xinjinmeng by GreyOfPTA⚖🐲🍩

  3. Xinjinmeng by GreyOfPTA 🐲🎈

    Xinjinmeng by GreyOfPTA 🐲🎈

  4. quincy reference.png

    quincy reference.png

  5. Xinjinmeng by FeistyDelights

    Xinjinmeng by FeistyDelights

  6. Xinjinmeng by Gingerale Dragon

    Xinjinmeng by Gingerale Dragon

  7. Iselyn Grimaude Redesign

    Iselyn Grimaude Redesign

  8. tdov sketch.png

    tdov sketch.png

  9. Odi Bust

    Odi Bust

  10. Enki Malakh

    Enki Malakh

  11. Nicole Malakh

    Nicole Malakh

  12. Cherry Bomb!

    Cherry Bomb!

    gift for a friend's birthday!
  13. zero pride doodle

    zero pride doodle

  14. Tempestuous Xinjinmeng

    Tempestuous Xinjinmeng

  15. Xinjinmeng by Vaporotem

    Xinjinmeng by Vaporotem

  16. i wanna stay just like this

    i wanna stay just like this

  17. Mature Xinjinmeng

    Mature Xinjinmeng

  18. They <3 Girls

    They <3 Girls

    Just a quick little gift art I made for someone on twitter of their cute butch salmonid character!
  19. Zip the Opossum

    Zip the Opossum

    So yeah, guess who got covid from their parents? Guess I have more time to draw again, despite the headache I get whenever I look at my screen Can't sleep with the headache anyway, so might as well torture myself for something I'll appreciate in the end Anyway, here's a new character I made...
  20. My colors

    My colors

    Look at me! Collecting flags like they’re Pokemon lol. From left to right we have: Nonbinary, LGBT+POC, Gay man, another gay man, transgender, and the ace flag ^^ I’m AMAB, identifying as a masculine nonbinary fella. Attracted to masculine folk, but not sexually lol. Complicated, sorry!