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Found 150 results

  1. From the album: fur others

    ♥ commssion for someone on twitter ! tysm again what a delight 2 draw ♡ commissions | discount commissions | adoptables | ko-fi | paypal ♡
  2. armaina

    Neijah is Unimpressed

    From the album: Illustrations

    I don't know what happened but whatever it was, Neijah isn't having it.

    © aubrey "armaina" myers

  3. From the album: purrsonal

    ♥ [ reupload 4 reorganizing gallery ] ♥ more doodles of frillious featuring my daily life in 2016 ♡ commissions | discount commissions | adoptables | ko-fi | paypal ♡
  4. frillious


    From the album: purrsonal

    ♥ [ reupload 4 reorganizing gallery ] ♥ my account's namesake, frillious! its one of my main fursonas and is a total fucklord ♡ commissions | discount commissions | adoptables | ko-fi | paypal ♡
  5. frillious

    sea of air

    From the album: fur others

    ♥ [ reupload 4 reorganizing gallery ] ♥ just a lil doodle for @SavijoPanda to warm u p ♡ commissions | discount commissions | adoptables | ko-fi | paypal ♡
  6. frillious

    frill icon

    From the album: purrsonal

    ♥ an old fursona icon ;3 ♡ commissions | discount commissions | adoptables | ko-fi | paypal ♡
  7. FenFeline

    fen pfp

    new pfp!!! bc i will never settle for just one fursona!! YouTube - Twitter - Curious Cat - DeviantArt - Weasyl - FurAffinity - FurryLife - NewTumbl - SoFurry
  8. Pheanir

    Valentine's Day 2020

    My first post on this site, yay ~ A lot of people use this 'special' day to show their loved ones how much they appreciate them. Various shops ganied millions from people buying stereotypical presents for this day. But for some the most sincere way to express their love is to tell them what they think about them - even if it's only in writing. Maybe there is that special someone you always like to spend time with or who actually is with you and you love everything you could share with one another. Or maybe you discover that you've got a secret admirer, but - to be honest - you feel greatly uncomfortable knowing that you are someone's crush who creeps you out? Then again, maybe you are one of those super popular persons, who gets so much attention that you could literally bathe in it; whilst loving every moment of it. However, there is also a chance - a slight chance - that you feel completely left out. Maybe there actually is somebody you have feelings for or you showed your appreciation, but you didn't get a response... or maybe it was just bad luck? Maybe something went wrong, but you feel like watching people makes you realize that there are so many people out there, who are together, but you are still alone...? Valentine's Day has never been something I paid attention to. I'm not really sure why it is such a big deal, because I think I could make every day a wonderful day for my special someone. Right? I won't judge people who enjoy it, though, that would be horrible. Love should be 'celebrated' in my opinion. =) This picture went surprisingly smooth, except for Throne's sketch. I used a reference to get his pose right and re-drew it, like, at least 8 times to get it as close to the reference as possible. I'm really glad I didn't trace it in the end, but it was pretty hard. Also, I have been neglecting 'mah bois' - as per usual - so it was time I gave them some love again. What better way to do that than on Valentine's day? =) (Little fun fact: Kenji's birthday is on February 14th.) What do you think of Valentine's day?

    © All characters © me.

  9. FuzzyMaro


    Acrylic on canvas, 60 x 40 cm Tabitu is a character I created very spontaneously. After a very inspiring day I decided to sit down and paint something colorful, expressive and fast. I ended up spending few hours on it and making way more detailed painting than I expected. I called her Tabitu, she's a calm traveler and a wild beast at the same time. She travels between worlds, dimensions and realities. Head is based on african grey parrot. Body is feline, a jaguar-like. She has no wings.
  10. Takoto

    Bad Doctor

    My OC, Dr. Akiyama Based off of an old sobraine cigarette advert! ✦✦✦ Interested in a Commission? I have > Commission Info ✦✦✦ ✦ Patreon | Ko-Fi ✦ ✦ Art Tumblr | Twitter ✦ [ Do not repost my art on any website! Do not recolour and repost my artwork it on any website ! ]
  11. TKitten16

    Tethys doodle

    From the album: Fanart

    a doodle of Tethys i drew while i was doing the first draft of my fanfic.
  12. TKitten16

    Tethys ref sheet

    From the album: Fanart

    a non-binary lunairen who helps out Fawful & Popple in saving the lunaire kingdom from semi-crossover-y monsters, along with the island fusing with the aforementioned crossover-y bit. yeah my fanfic stuff is weird.
  13. TKitten16

    Sinder ref

    From the album: Fanart

    an Evil Cyborg beanish that has the ability to imitate other people's powers just by wearing their clothing. he also has the ability to copy other's voices too but it's not as important.
  14. Woot new adoptable base. A little more actiony! To bid visit my FA page! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/34859082/ Starting bid is $55.00, no autobuy this time. Please bid in amounts of $5. * When you buy this character you get a 300 dpi jpg copy of the character with no water mark. * You may resell it, but do not sell it for more than you bought it for. *You may rename it. * You may use the DESIGN anyway you wish, commercially or whatever. However you may not use the actual artwork commercially. If you'd like to do so, let me know and we can work something out. *Please do not alter the artwork, though you may edit the design as you see fit. *Payment via paypal is required within 48 hours of end of the auction or autobuy. *I will not make alterations to the artwork, it will remain SFW. Auction ends Febuary 3rd at 10pm est. Become a patron of Cybercat's art! https://www.patreon.com/CybercatGraphics Like my art? Buy me a Coffee at KO-FI! http://ko-fi.com/ladycybercat Other places to find me ! http://lady-cybercat.deviantart.com (Deviantart) http://www.furaffinity.net/user/cybercat/ (Furaffinity) http://www.weasyl.com/~cybercat (Weasyl) http://www.facebook.com/artist.cybercat (Facebook) http://ladycybercat.tumblr.com/ (Tumblr) http://twitter.com/CybercatArt (Twitter) https://www.instagram.com/cybercatgraphics/ (Instagram) NEW! http://www.redbubble.com/people/cybercat (Redbubble T-shirt & More shop) Posted using PostyBirb
  15. FuzzyMaro

    Night of spirits

    Animal spirits appeared on the sky in front of the curious hyena. He will never forget these pictures painted with lights! Character belongs to charizardman. Do not copy or use! Commissions are open
  16. FurAffinity | DeviantArt | Tumblr | NewGrounds | Instagram | Twitter | FurryLife | Telegram Channel This drawing has been previously released on Patreon! Just a quick digital drawing of a new character of mine which I can't talk about for now~ It'd be spoiler for a friend. Btw she's been going through different redesigns and adjustments, this isn't the final one. The final and complete version is online on our Patreon! Character/Artist: © Alita_Berserker on FurAffinity Software: Clip Studio Paint 1.9.7 | Hardware: Lenovo Miix 700 Consider becoming a Patreon to get early access to drawings, see WIP and have more benefits! www.patreon.com/FyreAlita If you like our work please consider supporting us! Ko-Fi | Shinies Any critique/suggestion is well accepted! DO NOT USE, UPLOAD OR MODIFY THE PICTURE WITHOUT MY WRITTEN CONSENT.

    © Creative Common License (no modification, no usage in any way, no attribution, no reposting)

  17. Hazel

    Hazel Headshot

    here's my fursona Hazel the kit fox! ^-^ Please do NOT criticise or steal my art and character(s). ‾ʌ‾ Be nice when commenting! If you're gonna be mean, don't say anything at all. Feel free to check out my other works too! Meep meep! :3

    © Hazel

  18. FuzzyMaro

    Calm mind

    Portrait done for Tarabu. Digital painting. Do not copy or use, the character has its owner!
  19. TKitten16

    moon angel

    From the album: Exotic Age

    local merchant that is the good part of an evil villain meets her old self's sealed in the moon girlfriend one night. glowy things are fun
  20. From the album: Exotic Age

    a color palette thing of my Edgy boi Ezand.
  21. FenFeline

    Drifting Feather

    a soft lil boy! he is a friend YouTube- Twitter - Curious Cat - DeviantArt - Weasyl - FurAffinity -FurryLife -NewTumbl -SoFurry
  22. FenFeline

    Frozen Lake ref

    theyre planning something. what is it YouTube- Twitter - Curious Cat - DeviantArt - Weasyl - FurAffinity -FurryLife -NewTumbl -SoFurry
  23. 8BitGalaxy

    Tobi Tobeans Ref

    Fursona 2.0, with a variation of my name. Hopefully I'll draw/ commission more art of this boi Posted using PostyBirb
  24. FenFeline

    River Stone

    honestly this might be one of my favorite character designs, im love them so much YouTube- Twitter - Curious Cat - DeviantArt - Weasyl - FurAffinity -FurryLife -NewTumbl -SoFurry
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