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original characrer

  1. [OC] Carousel Sketch

    [OC] Carousel Sketch

  2. Don't interrupt us.

    Don't interrupt us.

    Choko and Tisriel was trying to date when Asmodai interrupt them. P.S. Asmodai is the fursona of my brother.
  3. Silver (2020)

    Silver (2020)

  4. Ronin (2019)

    Ronin (2019)

  5. Lepunare - original specie

    Lepunare - original specie

    Reference of my original specie, Lepunare.
  6. Onigiri


    My new Oc, Onigiri. He is a Lepunare, an original specie I created that I will specify about soon.
  7. Rora


    Basically I was thinking that she's a sort of energy collector; what she does in particular is when someone is having a nightmare and she senses it she'll come into their house and feed on the negative energy which serves two purposes: one, it'll lessen the nightmare and two, provide her sustenance.
  8. dosa ref

    dosa ref

    hello furries......... just gonna make my first post a ref of one of my ocs :p part of a small story that im kinda? working on in my head
  9. Naba (2019)

    Naba (2019)

    Naba's newest design Originally made: 06/02/2019 Revised on: 08/02/2019
  10. INDRID's Reference Sheet (SFW)

    INDRID's Reference Sheet (SFW)

    My main Original Character Indrid, the MothLord He likes lamps  💡
  11. slurp!!!!!!!


    new oc!!! slurp is a slime dragon inspired by fortnite shield potions/slurp juice!!!! they/them pronouns