1. Owl boy ref

    Owl boy ref

  2. COM: Chibi Dusk

    COM: Chibi Dusk

  3. Random Clarinet Piece

    Random Clarinet Piece

    I wrote this more than year ago, but I decided to just release it. Because why not? It's worth uploading, and it will make for a good mini-introduction, even though my first ACTUAL single will be out later. Consider this a prelude.. Now enjoy the woodwind doots! :D
  4. Park Ranger

    Park Ranger

  5. School time commission for puppyinpamps

    School time commission for puppyinpamps

    Commission from twitter
  6. Owlbert the Owlbear

    Owlbert the Owlbear

  7. [2020] STRIX [edit v2] soullessstrix

    [2020] STRIX [edit v2] soullessstrix

  8. Doro Ref

    Doro Ref

    Mini Ref for Dasaki of Doro.
  9. AlexisTheSqueaky


    Icon done for AlexisTheSqueaky over Telegram!
  10. alien boy icon

    alien boy icon

    icon that i made of my oc edward <3
  11. Ink015 Amulet

    Ink015 Amulet

  12. comm: akada

    comm: akada

    sketchpage commission for Akada19601764 from Twitter
  13. comm: mephiston

    comm: mephiston

    sketchpage commission for MephistonOwl from Twitter
  14. Infested


  15. Hallowdeath


    Finished collab with BonfireDingo!! I did the concept sketch and shading and they did the rest. This was a fun little halloween collab that the both of us needed! (And our work together is just beautiful!) Happy spooptastic month everyone! Posted using PostyBirb
  16. Lil Hoots! [Gift]

    Lil Hoots! [Gift]

    Part of a small club event! Halloween gift exchange for @Ciderhoots :3 ============================================== If you'd like to support me, see some of how I do my thing, or just want a goody or two monthly, subscribe to my Patreon! <3 I'd love to have you~
  17. Ink010 Warhog

    Ink010 Warhog

    The Three Swords #Drawtober
  18. 3 Host of a Ghost

    3 Host of a Ghost

    -"Nice Party" #drawtober
  19. Drawtober - Night Owl

    Drawtober - Night Owl

    This gave me a HELL OF A TIME the paper kept ripping when I pulled the tape up, especially right in the middle where the beak was supposed to go... fantastic. Lovely. This watercolor sketchbook is not quite living up to my expectations haha...
  20. Moon


    https://toyhou.se/8377368.selene Not for trade or sale, it's just got credits and more info on her character there.