1. Aquarium Fur Groupies!

    Aquarium Fur Groupies!

    Welcome to AFG! Aquarium Fur Groupies is a group specifically for furrys who love, own and build aquariums for all kinds of fish. From freshwater goldfish to saltwater Tangs, this group is for all types of fish lovers. Just like they saying goes: There are all kinds of fish in the sea! ------...
  2. Gideon pet doodle

    Gideon pet doodle

    Commission for friend on Twitter 
  3. 2020 Holiday Pet Illustrations

    2020 Holiday Pet Illustrations

    Happy November everyone! I'm offering pet commissions throughout this month. $30 for one portrait and an extra $10 for each additional pet. It comes with a simple background and colors and props of your choice! Send me an email at [email protected] for any questions you have!
  4. Happy Little Lemonade!

    Happy Little Lemonade!

    Made this tiktok (yes a tiktok) of my precious banana slug. Love her!!!!
  5. A Slug's Banana Snack!

    A Slug's Banana Snack!

    One of my leopard slugs loves eating bananas. Look at them. LOOK AT THEM.
  6. Lemonade Crossing

    Lemonade Crossing

    I gave Lemonade a small bridge for her terrarium. She loves it!
  7. Lemonade the Banana Slug

    Lemonade the Banana Slug

    This is my banana slug, Lemonade! She's such a pretty girl. X3
  8. my kitty merry!

    my kitty merry!

  9. Ellie


  10. Sleeping Silvie

    Sleeping Silvie

  11. Silvie


  12. Ellie baby

    Ellie baby

  13. Silvie 2

    Silvie 2

  14. Silvie 1

    Silvie 1

  15. Neo Medieval Style

    Neo Medieval Style

    My 9 Year Old Cat
  16. Cody Medieval Style

    Cody Medieval Style

    My 8 Year Old Cat
  17. Caught yawning

    Caught yawning

  18. Emma again

    Emma again

  19. Lola and Pilot

    Lola and Pilot

  20. Wolf