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  1. Waterfall YCH

    Waterfall YCH

  2. [❤️] Kiki Reference Sheet

    [❤️] Kiki Reference Sheet

  3. Ganymede Hugs Nastu

    Ganymede Hugs Nastu

  4. Shut up! I hate it!

    Shut up! I hate it!



    The second of 5 ref sheets I created for my partner AshensCedar. This is Larissa, a cute pink asexual wolf with a penchant for tea and lounging around in her garden during the summer. A loving and gentle soul, she is the epitome of "chill".
  6. Shining Beauty

    Shining Beauty

  7. gao gao

    gao gao

  8. Summer Fun Kiri

    Summer Fun Kiri

  9. Summer Fun Kiri and Sam

    Summer Fun Kiri and Sam

  10. YCH4


  11. Clothing Ref - Mabel

    Clothing Ref - Mabel

  12. Sup Dweeb

    Sup Dweeb

    i got my new drawing monitor!!!! this is my first serious drawing with it and i rlly like it! character was given to me by @delta LiGHTS i still need to name them so that may take me awhile. i like to wait till i can think of just the right name for a character.
  13. Better Times Will Come

    Better Times Will Come

  14. Lovecore Tiger OTA

    Lovecore Tiger OTA

  15. Kokira


    She was an IRL comission from my friend. She paid $10 for this- I'd normally do detailed but my pen broke lmao
  16. dreamy night

    dreamy night

    a side/back view of an eland-cat hybrid. her fur is mostly white with dark gray ears and throat and very light gray spiral antlers that have white roses blooming from them. she's smiling softly and wearing a pink scarf thats lifted up by the wind with a deeper pink cardigan. the background is a...
  17. Rune Ref [C]

    Rune Ref [C]

  18. [P]  Starry Night Gazing

    [P] Starry Night Gazing

  19. Cherry Blossom Eevee

    Cherry Blossom Eevee

    Something to try and get into the mood of spring with. Enjoy a cute lil eevee.
  20. Lovely Pony

    Lovely Pony