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  1. Leftist Furs

    Leftist Furs

    Hello Comrades and Fellow Travelers! Welcome! Our Fandom has been on an immense political journey throughout all of its years. It is growing, maturing, and learning its place in the political landscape. As it is maturing it has increasingly come to the realization that reactionary ideology is...
  2. Venthas

    Regarding the Capitol Riots

    Hello all, You can find our response to the Capitol riots below. This has been listed as an announcement for one week, and will be de-listed this weekend.
  3. MAGA Is Dumb And Im Angy {Vent}

    MAGA Is Dumb And Im Angy {Vent}

    i did some vent art yesterday cause of the coup and i liked the composition and how it was going so i finished it. i dont usually post vent art but this one is very topical and i feel more comfortable sharing than most. im trying to get myself to share my opinions on matters more and just my...
  4. J

    So can we talk about how garbage the idea of "reaching out" to trump supporters is?

    Christ this is a mentality I've seen a bit on twitter and it infuriates me. Soooo anybody else agree that the idea of "emphasizing" With those who voted trump is? There's this dumb idea that "oh now they know how we felt in 2016" which is dumb because if they felt that way then it means people...
  5. Stegladon

    What are your plans now that Biden has won?

    Biden is now our future president. The entire country breaths a deep sigh of relief. Now what do we do? Do you have any goals? First of all I’m makin celebratory sketti tonight. Second of all, I plan on becoming 100% louder about my politics and even more radical. And I’m going to try to get...
  6. TaytoSeal

    Conservative Majority Vote in the Supreme Court

    Republicans bring out a certain kind of God-Worshipper. One that is not satisfied with just being able to freely practice their own religion. No. These people feel compelled to shape the world in the image they think God intends. Via Genocide or Subjugation of the non-believers or by...
  7. alyazabirze

    so trump just shot down stimulus talks until after the election

    i sincerely hope you were not counting on getting another check from the government, whether that was another lump sum of $1,200 or unemployment benefits or whatever else
  8. alyazabirze

    the Gravel Institute has launched a Youtube channel seeking to be the left-wing alternative to PragerU

    after their ultimately quixotic effort to get Mike Gravel on the debate stage last year, and awhile of being a twitter-left account with one publication to their name, the Gravel Institute seems to finally be doing something, and that something is a Youtube channel which they want to be the...
  9. Ralph2449

    Need for a Progressive international

    One thing that I feel the left has been lacking is a more serious worldwide organization that actually becomes more big and relevant but it always seems to end up with infighting and disagreements over more minor issues, with climate change and the world as it is today it kinda feel important...
  10. S

    Give me the most brain meltingly bad take you’ve seen lately

    Not here to debate them — I’m not interested in debating takes that are solely bad, really. Humoring them only propagates them  But you know when you’re browsing twitter and the algorithm says “hey! Wanna see this dude make something completely up??” And you get slapped with something so...
  11. M

    "Cuties" is Kinda Yikes

    So I feel that the film Cuties is self defeating in its criticism of the sexualization of young girls because it uses footage of young girls behaving in a provocative manner for shock value in a way that seems exploitative. There are arguments burried beneath that worth discussing, but the film...
  12. alyazabirze

    the one-question FLO political ideology survey

    now that the discussions of whether or not to blanket ban conservatives from the website have mostly abetted, i'm very curious where the bulk of the people who actually use the forums actively fall. as it happens you can add a buttload of poll choices* on here, meaning i also don't have to use...
  13. M

    ☢️ Small Scale Nuclear Reactors ☢️

    As in 23m tall 15m wide around a cylinder. So relatively speaking.  https://arstechnica.com/science/2020/09/first-modular-nuclear-reactor-design-certified-in-the-us/?amp=1 Honestly this design is actually a good thing because it removes much of the necessity of complex safety facilities and...
  14. M

    US Covid-19 News: Emergency Measures to Prevent Mass Homelessness Enacted, but Questions Remain

    Washington Post: Trump administration announces eviction moratorium, aiming to ensure housing crisis doesn’t further spread covid-19. https://www.washingtonpost.com/us-policy/2020/09/01/trump-eviction-coronavirus/ The Trump administration has enacted an emergency policy that puts a 120 day...
  15. alyazabirze

    What are your plans if Trump wins in 2020?

    i'll be that person and drop this line of inquisition, because i know this is: 1) really not that unlikely, unfortunately 2) pretty relatable to most of the people here, since a lot of people (including myself!) are in this boat and--especially based on the unambiguously fascist trajectory the...
  16. Ralph2449

    The taboo of Political discussion

    Why is this so upsetting to some people? Specifically it seems to upset more privileged individuals who are often free from the IRL effects of the discussed policies so I can only imagine that for some reason such types of discussions make them uncomfortable, the question is why? Is it that...