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  1. Dean The Somali Russian Blue Cat

    Dean The Somali Russian Blue Cat

  2. Cheeki Breeki Fox.jpg

    Cheeki Breeki Fox.jpg

    Slav Fox is here, Blin!
  3. Tendercember Day 9 - Kræmmerhus

    Tendercember Day 9 - Kræmmerhus

  4. Tendercember Day 2  - Scarf

    Tendercember Day 2 - Scarf

    Scarves are useful tools to grab yourself a kiss~ Kenneth sure has a great use of it~ So this December I decided to do a Tendercember, drawing my lovely man (Godbirdart on twitter) some art~ Arthenos belongs to Godbirdart on twitter
  5. Observation


    Laya in her tank :P
  6. Gena - "Cheburashka"

    Gena - "Cheburashka"

    After going on and off from FA. I started to watch cartoons from different counties and one of them was "Cheburashka". Gena design was one of my favorite because he a big green croc who just wanted a friends. Also he works as a "Crocodile " at a zoo.
  7. [OC REF] Julius

    [OC REF] Julius

    reference for my borzoi boy jules! love himmm