1. Beauty


  2. Making a mess

    Making a mess

  3. Ode to a rat

    Ode to a rat

    🐀 🐀 🐀 🐀 🐀 🐀 Head Ratte, voiced by Sammy Davis Jnr in Hanna-Barbera's Heidi's Song. If you've never seen it, look up this villain song! My favourite rat villain :D June 2019
  4. Leader of the flock

    Leader of the flock

    The leader of the murder didn't sound right. xD Dumbo isn't one of my favourite Disney films, but, here's my take on Jim! I'm aware of the background and the controversy; I treat Dumbo and other works as products of their time. April 2019
  5. Derg


  6. Gift art

    Gift art

  7. Fly faster

    Fly faster

  8. Icons row batch 18

    Icons row batch 18

  9. 4-toe Slim Footpaw Foam Base

    4-toe Slim Footpaw Foam Base

  10. Stomp


  11. Hubcap stickers

    Hubcap stickers

  12. Chasing gems!

    Chasing gems!

  13. Enjoying traveling

    Enjoying traveling

  14. Owl boy ref

    Owl boy ref

  15. Bun gift

    Bun gift

  16. Bye bye 2020

    Bye bye 2020

  17. More Rdz3 stickers

    More Rdz3 stickers

  18. Toon Town

    Toon Town

    cmon in! embrace the tooniness!
  19. SIEGE

    Siege’s Lil Headshots (£5 GBP EACH!)

    Howdy! I’m looking to make a quick few bucks so I’m opening slots for simple, transparent headshots like these for £5 GBP each; ✨➡️ VIEW THE FULL GALLERY HERE! ⬅️✨ They look cute as icons, info box accents, etc, and you’re more than welcome to edit and display your commission however you’d...
  20. Dragon and Demichi mask

    Dragon and Demichi mask

    Masks fur @dragon_mc_bain and @Demichi_Kiseki 🐾🐉 Art by me. Posted using PostyBirb