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  1. Motorcycle


    It went from a simple school doodle to a full blown digital piece! And this goes for my teacher, whose I have really good connection and contact with. He knows about my situations, living status and cares for me which I appreciate. He LOVES my digital artwork, even complements when I’m working...
  2. Kodiak Concept

    Kodiak Concept

    Soooo, me and crazygameguy on DA/FA were (well, mostly CCG) worldbuilding their Cedar/space/Zako setting, and we came up with a tank design for their Zakos to crew! The Zakos made it themselves based on on old info, movies, footage, documents, etc of old soviet tanks. Initial basis was the T-62, bu
  3. Night in a city

    Night in a city

    Art I made of my own character with her car.
  4. I Striker Tank

    I Striker Tank

    Now for the personal tank of my team Star Flight. The I Striker Tank is just as powerful and maneuverable as the Land Master but my team has four of these powerful vehicles.