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  1. S1 Ep 39 Homeworld's Destruction pt1

    S1 Ep 39 Homeworld's Destruction pt1

    Mercedes teleported the wolves to the castle where the destruction was seen as the castle was falling apart due to the serge of magic under it. "Rebels of Gaia Summon your gigantic beast forms to take down that demon!". The Wolves with Solaris fighting on their side Formed their beast forms to...
  2. S1 Ep 38 Solaris Moonstone

    S1 Ep 38 Solaris Moonstone

    "Hey Athena-" "What is it?" "Personally... i prefer the air!" Artemis used his magic howl attack to propel himself up into the air stunning her. Solaris who caught his brother with his magic appeared and got in a struggle over the gauntlet. "Long time no see brother!" "Perfect timing bro!"...
  3. Yama vs Red dragon

    Yama vs Red dragon

    Art made by The-Crimson-Arcanine Here Yama is shown having a great battle against Red Dragon or better known here as The Silent Flame (Also for this battle, Red Dragon gained weight to match Yama) I hope you like it and let's see who wins (Wow, it was a long time since I had uploaded a...
  4. The Yannick saga

    The Yannick saga

    Here it is shown that a demon attacks a city and everyone thinks they are lost, but a Hero suddenly arrives to save them and is nothing more and nothing less than the legendary Hero, Yannick. That the latter gives a hard battle to that great demon and manages to defeat him and the demon swears...
  5. 2020 castline

    2020 castline

  6. A Jeanbattle picture

    A Jeanbattle picture

    Art made by WeGotBeans Here is an art of my main character, I loved the art and I honestly do not know what to say now. Hope you like. Arte hecho por WeGotBeans Aqui se muestra un arte de mi personaje principal, Me encanto el arte y sinceramente no se que decir ahora. Espero que les guste.
  7. Long day afterwork

    Long day afterwork

  8. S1 Ep 37 Karma pt2

    S1 Ep 37 Karma pt2

    Athena in her blind rage starts draining the magic from Gaia as the ship lands from the royal docking bay in Opal city. As the ship opened, Athena grabbed Artemis by his shirt and dragged him off the ship and raised him up to see the damage she was doing to the planet. Artemis blinked hard as...
  9. S1 Ep 36 Karma pt1

    S1 Ep 36 Karma pt1

    So the wolves agreed to go back home but Amber surprisingly wanted to tag along to see this world they talked to much about. On the ship Athena and her family were there in the cockpit area as King moonstone was driving the ship as the other wolves reconnected with their parents talking about...
  10. Icons row batch 18

    Icons row batch 18

  11. Terrance Gudbrand

    Terrance Gudbrand

  12. S1 Ep???- Storm's Backstory

    S1 Ep???- Storm's Backstory

    Storm River Hurricane was born on November 16th 2001 making him 18 years old. Growing up in the "feared Hurricane family" he was both the class clown but also very smart but was humble about it. He can figure out if someone needs cheering up or not usually by body language and speech pattern...
  13. [com] Riverfang - Wandering The Forest

    [com] Riverfang - Wandering The Forest

  14. S1 Ep35 Contact

    S1 Ep35 Contact

    The Royal Families of Gaia, the main 9 without their kids, had boarded a ship from opal city to earth as they properly located where the searching robots went missing weeks before. So after landing in cypress woods the 9 monarchs looked around and stuck out like a sore thumb for how they...
  15. Icon Commissions OPEN

    Icon Commissions OPEN

  16. S1 Ep34 Homeworld Problems pt2

    S1 Ep34 Homeworld Problems pt2

    In the background the Silver company develops the magic gauntlet, which works like a beast trigger that can give someone the eight elemental powers on Gaia. It's shaped like a bulky glove that has eight crystals embedded in it. Athena once getting her own gauntlet uses it to properly locate...
  17. Species Base Pack

    Species Base Pack

    This pack contains a few different species with different additions to them.
  18. Wolfdeer


    Fursona design I made for someone on deviantart!
  19. [com] Riverfang - The Green Eyed Wolf

    [com] Riverfang - The Green Eyed Wolf

  20. S1 Ep 33 Artemis’s Inner werewolf

    S1 Ep 33 Artemis’s Inner werewolf

    So after a week of talking to Amber and growing close to her Artemis's anxiety kicked into full force out of nowhere to cause a really bad nightmare to happen while he was asleep. He had a terrifying nightmare that he lost amber and after that happened he had a panic attack and woke up but...