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Hiya! I'm TheKingInTheNorth - you can just call me North.. or King.. or Saber... I have far too many nicknames, seriously call me whatever.

22, Nonbinary, any pronouns are fine
Pansexual, Androromantic (taken)

I like skateboarding, chilling with my friends, drawing, and playing video games. Currently trying to learn Norwegian, practice with my guitar, work on embroidery projects, sew more patches onto my vest, finish the 1,000+ wips on my computer/in my head, flesh out a universe... I need to stop taking on new projects 😹
Been a furry for 6 or so years, a nerd for.. forever, really, and a big time lover of animals and the environment. You can tell I was very popular in highschool.
I like all music, but mostly listen to metal, rap, sea shanties, dark viking-themed music, russian hardbass, and pop music by edgy female artists - my Spotify is just as confused as you are.
Currently work at a Japanese grill and sushi restaurant, I work as hibachi prep but hope to soon be in training to be a hibachi chef!

That's more or less everything interesting about me so.. yeah lmao. Nice to be here!

Binx the Ampwave

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I made a Sergal named Captain Inza! All I need to do is color him and make a ref sheet!
Screenshot 2021-04-12 2.30.53 PM.png