How To: Add Background Image to Entire Signature


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Adding background images, with floating boxes, can be a difficult thing on the new software. If you refer to my signature, here is the coding I used to make it:

He/Him | Gay | Mated[/CENTER]
[CENTER][B]Need Help?[/B]
[URL='']Staff Team[/URL] | [URL='']Q&A Forum[/URL] | [URL='']FAQs and Guides[/URL] | [URL='']Content Policy[/URL] | [URL='']Terms of Service[/URL][/CENTER]


So, what do all of these do?
TEXTBG - This is what actually creates the background image behind the text. It is a link to an image (it can be a link to an image in FLO's media gallery).
Leftfloat/Rightfloat - These generate the floating boxes.

You may have to play around with these a little bit and adjust them to get them the way you want them. Essentially anything can go between the [textbg ] and [/textbg ] tags, including other BBcode.


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This is so useful!
How would I go about previewing my changes? (Besides making a post/reply)
There should be a preview button available on the editor. If not, refreshing any page with your signature on it should show you the updates.
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