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Gamedev Furs

A place for discussing and helping with all things game development!

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New Member
Hi! I'm primarily a C# tool developer, using Unity. I have experience with every Unreal engine version up to UDK3, and experience with idTech 1-4 (classic Doom through Quake 4). I also know 3d modeling, though I'm sort of out of touch with current industry standards. My experience primarily lies with Maya, Blender, Quake/Doom Radiant, Doom Builder (GZDoom included), Source 1, and Unreal Ed.

I don't mind helping where it's needed, so don't be afraid to ask about anything, I love helping!
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New Member
Hey all, I prefer to work with Lua and LÖVE2D but I have previous experience with C languages, Unity and GMS2.
I mostly focus on engine components rather than full games, but teaming up with others would be a great time to tick that off my bucket list.
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I'm Cheetah! I like using UE4 mostly but I know my way around Unity as well. I do the art art stuffs, mostly 3d for games. It's kinda weird whereas I'm good at drawing 2D characters but not good at backgrounds/props and then on the flipside I'm good at 3D backgrounds/props but bad at characters. :'D

The most recent project I've finished was for the Global Game Jam! You can find that here! I was the only artist on the team, worked with two programmers and had a good time. Now, if only I could keep up the motivation to finish my own projects. OTL
Outside of that, I'm also helping with art for a couple of furry visual novels!