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Moderation Team Application Information

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Community Admin
Welcome to the open Moderation team applications for FLO! Before I get to the application form and questions, I'd like to take a moment to describe some of the details for a position on the team. Moderators are, first and foremost, representatives of FLO. We are here to help users navigate the site and use the services. While we do receive reports from users (like many who are reading this, I'm sure!) and use our moderation abilities to act, most of the duties expected of a Moderator are in the vein of helping community members.

Because of the nature of work required by moderators for FLO, applicants must be at least eighteen (18) years of age, speak fluent English (as most moderator duties are conducted in English), and have some amount of time to dedicate to the task. Further, moderators have to deal with a wide variety of content. You should be comfortable handling scenarios dealing with NSFW content (including fetish works), politics, religion, etc. Generally, you should be able to remain neutral in most situations, unless the situation requires otherwise. Most of what we do as staff is also confidential, and is generally not discussed outside of the mod team. Moderators are also expected to abide by (and be exemplars of) all site policies. Finally, for those who will be inducted into the moderation team, you're expected to review our Moderation Handbook, which will be made available to you.

So, if after reading, you've still decided to move on and apply for a moderator position with FLO, please create a new topic in this forum, and copy the following questions there:

Rich (BB code):



Any places we can contact you outside of FLO? (Discord, Twitter, etc.):

What languages are you fluent in?:

Tell us about yourself?:

What days are you usually active?:

What is your time zone?

What are your active hours?

Do you potentially have anything that could affect your schedule? (Schooling, programs, etc.):


What moderation experience do you have? This can apply to websites and communities, YouTube channels and Twitch streams, Discord servers, and other forms of social media management. Provide a time frame and description if applicable.

Why do you feel you'd be fit for this role? How would you contribute, as a Moderator, to FLO?

How efficiently and comfortably are you able to communicate in a team environment?

How familiar are you with the structure of XenForo and its tools?


If you could change an item of policy on FLO, what would you choose?

How would you rewrite it?

Why did you choose this item in particular?

How would you implement your changes?
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