The <^> Game

Stolen from a couple other forums I've seen it on. This is a game where you get to talk about yourself, and get to know other people. Each post should consist of four lines, and it should look something like this: 

(Response to the question above) 

^ (Something about or to the person above)

&gt; (Something about yourself) 

v (Something about the person below you) 

For example: 

Post 1 

&gt; I'm drawing a new character today!

v Do you like cooking? 

Post 2 

Nah, I prefer ordering takeout. 

^ That new design looks cool!

&gt; My dog is being so loud rn 

v Do you have any pets? 
And so on and so forth. I'll start with a question for whoever joins first!

&gt; Gonna start on a big commission today :0 

v What made you want to pick your sona's species?



^ i was super into dinos when i was a kid, and my fav artist draws super rad dinos, so i comm’d them time make me a sona

&gt; i’m at work

v what’s your job/what job do you think would be cool to do?



If I could do anything, I'd probably be a restaurant critic. I love food and like writing well enough so it seems like a good fit.

^ Your icon is rad, I love the colors and the way the eyes look so ruthlessly inhuman

&gt; Just about to start a big fight in a tabletop campaign. Fingers crossed!

v What's the weirdest childhood memory that you're like "wait, why the hell do I remember that?"

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i think it would be cool to be one of those people who paint art on store windows during specific holidays!

^ oo dino sonas are allways super cool!

&gt; im drawing some art from my gf for her bday 😊

V  if you could choose any two super powers what would they be and why? also how would you change your sona if they were to also posses those powers?

edit: oh no i meant mine for mxbird ahh ill add some stuff in for you kimistry &gt;.&lt;

one of my oldest memory's is when i was i think in osoyoos with my family and sleeping in the top cubby bunk thing in the back of my grandparents old trailer they used to have or maybe rented idk.

^ i allways see you around the forums and your pfp always gives off a "imma seduce you now" vibe to me

&gt; im drawing some art from my gf for her bday 😊

V  if you could choose any two super powers what would they be and why? also how would you change your sona if they were to also posses those powers?

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If I had to pick any two powers it would be shapeshifting and flight! (Which is kinda inferred with the first one if you can just shapeshift into something with wings, but shhh.) I just think they would both be really neat, and you'd get to experience the world in a lot of exciting new ways without the massive responsibility and potential for horribly fucking things up you would get with a power like time travel or something. If I were to change my sona based on this, I guess I'd just have a lot of sonas lol but I'd stick with the same color scheme for all of them so you get the idea that it's still the same character. 

^ You made some really neat art for artfight this year! 

&gt; I've been wanting to do artfight for a while, and finally signed up this year, but ended up being too busy to actually participate oops 

v What's your style like? ie. what kind of clothes and outfits do you prefer? Does your sona dress the same way, or do they have a style of their own? 

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Hmm, my style is pretty casual and simple tbh! I live in a warm region, so I prefer light clothes that don't hinder me too much. But sometimes I like to dress all in black too. I like to call myself a metalhead, but other than my hair I don't think I really fit the style xD
I'd say my sona and I share styles, in some of the art I draw for him I like to include some pieces that I own irl

^ You have the same name as me &gt;:eek:!!! Also, your sona is rad, I love them big teef

&gt; I started playing Cookie Clicker again after like 6 years, and now I'm obsessed..

v What is your favourite and least favourite thing to do while drawing? (i.e. lineart, colors, etc) If you are not an artist, what do you tend to find most interesting in an art piece? 

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My least favorite thing about drawing is linearting. And completing it in general, lol.

^ You have a hecking noice goat avatar. Goatsonas need more love. &gt;:C

&gt; I've been staying up all night a lot and that I am exhaustingly working on my story, blargjrnhjenhjhnjenhekmgmkmge.

v What's the biggest situation you dealt with that ended up having a happy ending? (Such as going to meet with your manager and getting a promotion!)

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I was 17 and I was going on a flight to Australia for the first time to meet up with my Mom and her boyfriend. I made it all the way there by myself and it was a huge accomplishment. We got to have fun in Australia and got to see the fireworks for New Years. It was a good time.

^ Your bird pfp is cute.
&gt; I am a fan of leftist music as long as it's punk rock (Example: NOFX)
v What's the biggest challenge you've ever faced?

The biggest challenge I ever faced is learning how to live in a world where my grandmother wasn't a part of it anymore. As I grew up I largely centered myself around my grandmother, who fostered and then adopted my siblings and I. She was the center of my world and taught me everything I know and taught me to be a caring, generous, and loving person. She also taught me my bad habits and quirks and a lot of what makes me who I am today, came from her. I couldn't imagine a world without her for the longest time but then her COPD and other health problems finally caught up with her, along with the stress of my dirtbag father taking advantage of her kindness and love. I never really got to say goodbye. My last moment with her will forever be tainted by her screaming at the top of her lungs into the phone at my father who has stolen money from her bank account while she was currently in a care facility trying to recover after being hospitalized. But she stopped breathing and eventually just stopped being her. I still can see her in that hospital bed, completely devoid of everything that made her my grandmother. And suddenly, nearly 2 and a half years ago now, I had to learn how to exist in a world where my one purpose wasn't to take care of her and be with her. Everything in my life centered around her and I lost her so quickly. I'm still dealing with all the fallout of that. It's still a challenge to learn how to live in this world and make a purpose for myself outside of caring for her and being there for her. I know this got a little heavy for a public forum and if anyone wants me to take this down I'll be glad to, yea.

^ I'm a big fan of your sona, he's got good vibes
&gt; I have been doing a lot of wiki editing for a friend of mine lately 
v What's a song you've had on repeat lately and why do you vibe with it?

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Major Tom by Peter Schilling. I fucking love 80s synth cheese and that song's one of my favorites. The English version has a better flow to me so that's the one I'd recommend but the German one's good too.

^ B I G C H O M P Y

&gt; Been on a hiatus from writing for the last few weeks because it's just become too much work. Hopefully I can find the inspiration I need!

v What's your absolute, all time favorite meal, including sides, drink, everything?

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My top favorite meal is white rice, brown beans, cut up hot dogs seasoned with tomato sauce and a little salt mixed with a salad made of lettuce and tomatoes. Rice and beans is a traditional brazilian dish that we eat everyday that we top off with some extra food that mix well and the one I just described is my personal favorite.

^ Shark sonas are awesome!

&gt; It's been a week since I started my first job and despite some hiccups here and there, it's going pretty okay.

v - What's the most mean thing you have done as a child and do you regret it?

I kicked a person from off of the top of the school playground set ladder while I was at the top of the set. This happened in first grade. They were coming to throw rocks at me, and had already nailed me once for no reason with a handful of gravel, so when they got up the ladder with a partial handful and raised the loaded hand, I kicked the other holding onto the ladder and made them fall. I got expelled. Do I regret it? Nope. Don't throw rocks at me when I've done nothing to you.

^ - Such biiig ears. Big ears are cute!

&gt; I'm a sucker for a well-made lasagna.

v - Where in the world would you like to travel?



I'd love to travel to Japan or New Zealand.  Japan for their history and architecture, and New Zealand for their beautiful landscapes.

^ I was kinda a violent kid too, didn't like people picking on me.

&lt; I loooove birds, like too much omg.

v What is something that you are afraid of that others may find silly?



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I'd love to travel to Japan or New Zealand.  Japan for their history and architecture, and New Zealand for their beautiful landscapes.

^ I was kinda a violent kid too, didn't like people picking on me.

&lt; I loooove birds, like too much omg.

v What is something that you are afraid of that others may find silly?
I’m a teenage who still sleeps with all her stuff animals

^ I also love birds and own a few Cockatiels

&lt; Cats are by far by favorite animal

Do you have any pets?



I have a few pet goats.

Why did you post in this thread with no "about me" or artwork?

What exactly am I meant to say?

What's your favorite accidentally vegan food (no meat or dairy products in it), for example rock candy.



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^ i dunno. never really thought about it

something about myself... i hate making ref sheets

v what brought you to this site?


^ I joined in on the hype of the site a while back, since all my friends were joining, I decided I would too! Unforunately, none of my friends use the site anymore. RIP
Also, Reference sheets are awful to make i understand the struggle

- a TON of my characters are orange & blue/green , or brown & blue/green. I love these color combinations so much!!

v What's your favorite color combination to use on a character, or just a color combination you like seeing on OCs?


^ I personally enjoy seeing characters with the stereotypically "edgy" red and black palette or seeing characters with dark base palettes and bright neon/rainbow accents!

- I have not been able to get on a proper sleep schedule for months now, and at this point I don't think I should bother trying. Time is an illusion to me now lmao.

v What's your favorite time of day and why?