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Trying that request thang


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So since I got into medical rehabilitation, I also find myself enjoying drawing more often, and I figured it could be nice to do a few requests for shits and giggles because really, I wanted to do those for the longest time now. I'm all SFW, your references should be as well, and I'll pick people however it tickles me. Feel free to leave me relevant info or ideas in a paragraph or two, I'll try to work with them. Try because I still have limited experience/preferences.

Since I'm actually living a semi-normal life now, things can take a fair while as I need to juggle appointments, commitments/duties and time-out for myself.

If you want 2 recent examples, check my profile.
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Could I please have a picture of my OC swimming against a black background?

Take whatever liberties you want.

Thank you if you do it and anyway for just considering, my friend.


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heres a few character refs of mine to choose from if you wanna do one of mine! (also a clothing ref for lance) i threw in my mostly scaly boi plus a snake since from your profile you seem to like to draw things with scales. do whatever you want with them! hope ur rehabilitation is going smoothly!
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