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Hey guys!!

If you're following my twitter (https://twitter.com/creatureteeth_), you'll know I do not post NSFW content on that account.

Now, ALL publicly-available NSFW content will be posted to a new NSFW account! https://twitter.com/nsfwteeth_
Yes, this means human art AS WELL AS furry art. I am still taking NSFW furry commissions!

That account is locked to prevent minors from accessing it right out the gate. I plan to unlock it later, but will still be inspecting every follow to pick out minors (or bots!)

Please follow me there if you are interested in NSFW content for your twitter timeline!!

Keep in mind, however, Patreon and Subscribestar get first dibs on all nsfw content I create, several weeks in advance. Please consider supporting me there, too!