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It's cat update time again!

First off, thank you again for the HUGE amount of support you all gave for me and my sweet little Jelly boy during the fundraising stream last weekend. I appreciate it more than I can ever describe.

[Warning for light medical talk]

I took Jelly to his surgery on Tuesday the 23rd to have the leg lump removed, but we ran into some complications. The vet used the exact same medications as last time to put him under, but this time he reacted differently and his breathing became dangerously slow, and he had to be woken up for his safety. I monitored his health for the day, and then Wednesday morning he was having trouble pooping. Once I realized how much of an issue he was having, I called the vet and it was determined he needed to be seen quickly, in case there was a blockage or anything dangerous. He got checked out, and there was no issue with his glands or any impacting, and he was able to go once he got out of examination. Most likely this was a result of switching his food habits (he had to fast for the surgery) plus all the stress. He's been able to go normally since then.

After talking with the vet, she feels it's unwise to go through with the operation for now, and that we should give him time to rest for a few weeks, to start. She's also worried, after seeing the lump again and freshly shaved, that it may be a difficult wound to close once it's removed, since it covers a large area.

[Medical talk over]

With all that in mind, Jelly will be resting for now, and I will continue to monitor his health and take photos of the lump to track any changes in it. After about a month, I'll contact the vet and discuss either retrying the surgery, or taking him to another vet to get a second opinion. In the mean time, I will hang on to the surgery fund for when it is needed, either for this specific surgery, or future vet expenses he may face.

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Welp Season 2 has wrapped up posting, with a Season 3 coming up at some point. Season 2 is the Last time we hear of "The Rebels of Gaia" Before it transitions to "The Heroes of Gaia" Onward there are more seasons after the 3rd one and I hope that more people who will be reading will be in for the ride.

Until Then See y'all later until the 3rd season announcement at some point.

Also Yes i did post the remaining 3 episodes today cause why not.
*Deep breaths* OKAY
Strap yourselves in, this is gonna be a long ride!

Eariler today, I was just scrolling through Twitt like normal. And I see someone advertising a character for sale, and I had to have a second guess.
"Is that who I think it is?". Even with a slight redesign, I could recognise her. I look at their Toyhouse and lord and behold, it was her!
Jasmine was one of my old but very cherished fursonas back in my earlier days. I used to go by many usernames (HorrorSympathy [ew], CrowsDrift, Dare-o, SleepyStag, MantiArt, Alienbicc and GuavaWerewolf). I had this reference done by XiamTheFerret way back in 2015.
Unfortunelty back in 2017 or 2018 (I can't remember, unfortunatly PayPal history won't go that far back) out of desparation, I had to put her up for offers as I needed to pay vet bills for my budgie (who sadly passed away a couple of years ago).
She was sold for $60 AUD.
A few months later, I deeply regretted that decision. I felt so connected to her, so much more than any characters I've ever had (even my current ones), but at the time my budgie would have been in great pain if I hadn't. But I knew I couldn't just buy her back, that would be rude and selfish.
Years went by, and every time I saw an Aussie Shepherd character, I felt that regret.

Well today, I finally got my baby back. I don't know if anyone understands the happiness I feel. I feel like I got a part of me back.
To some people, it shouldn't be that deep, but to someone like me who relies on fursonas and the fandom for individuality, validation, and self-expression, it is very important.

I may get a new ref done for her. As much as I love this one, it's over 5 years old and it's shaded (which I know most artists dislike). I'd love to commission Xiam for a new one, but they don't seem to have comms open atm, which is fine! I'll find someone eventually!
You know what I miss most about when I was younger? I had the ENERGY to bust out full goddamn comics and hand-drawn animated music videos (Flipnote Studio users unite) in one, two days tops. Fully immersed in the self-indulgent feralness that came with being a 13-14 year old in the midst of their edgy phase.

Basically Chad 13 y/o Edgy Bastard Full of Vitality
Loser 20 y/o "Can barely draw one character per month without begging for mercy" Wimp

(Exaggerated for comedic effect obv, but point still stands)
Size fiction cuts right through my depression like a hot knife through butter. Seriously. I have no idea why this is the case, why my brain decided THIS is my definition of bliss, why no other special interest of mine comes even close to being this powerful.

But I don't mind it.
I kinda enjoy the stillness of this site, in a way. Feels so much less chaotic.
i agree! its like a neat little corner to go to and the community feels a little more personal and in-reach. given i dont talk to people on here too much, its definitely a nice change for once.
That last upload is going to be my last one on FLO for the foreseeable future!

Unfortunately there's just not very much activity or audience here compared to other sites I'm active on so it's not a good investment of my time to prep uploads for here.

If you guys want to keep up with my work (including my commission openings, the next of which is in two days) I suggest you follow me on my FurAffinity, my Twitter, or my Telegram channel!
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